• Lidia Meyer


The following is a summary of steps for employers who take in dealing with sexual harassment:

• Develop a policy statement which prohibits sexual harassment.

• Develop clear and fair procedures to deal with any complaints of allegations of sexual harassment.

• Publicize the policy and procedures to all employees and monitor the effectiveness of these.

• Provide training for all supervisors, managers and employees on the issues surrounding sexual harassment and how to recognize it as unacceptable behavior.

• Ensure that adequate internal communication exists together with proper support systems.

• Employers would also be well advised to include special E-mail clauses in their sexual harassment policy. E-mail harassment can arise through repeated or unwanted requests or messages containing sexual innuendos or pictures. If this is done at work, or on office equipment, the employer should be jointly responsible unless it has taken all reasonable steps to prevent such harassment. This applies whether or not the E-mail is sent with the employer's knowledge or approval.

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