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Best Labour Law Firm 2019 - South Africa

Best Labour Law Firm - South Africa



Employers receiving Compliance Orders from the CCMA / DRC / Bargaining Councils, CONTACT US AT:

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Companies are finding themselves in exceedingly competitive markets. The effective and productive functioning of your staff compliment can promote the survival of your organisation in today's marketplace.


Managers and supervisors are directly involved with labour problems on a daily basis. We provide effective and comprehensive and cost effective training to assist them combat common staff related problems to create a productive and harmonious working environment. Our training programs will assist them to have a greater insight into the day to day problems encountered with staff and the effective manner in which such issues should be dealt with.


Training is offered by an Industrial Relations specialists who have vast and hands on experience in the field. Training manuals and other visual aids are used during the training to ensure a higher level of comprehension.

The following training can be received on company premises or at a designated venue:

  • 2 day Principles of Labour Relations course

  • 4 hrs Disciplinary Issues course

  • 4 hrs Basics of Dismissal Law course

  • 4 hrs CCMA & Bargaining Council course

  • 4 hrs Dealing with Trade Unions course

  • 4 hrs Basic Labour policies & procedures course

  • 4 hrs Relevant Labour Legislation training

For more information or any enquiries, kindly contact us at: 


Labour law in South Africa is complex and multifaceted. Our main objective is to assist employers to cope with the numerous labour laws that affects businesses daily.

Our IR Training offers insight into the daily challenges employee and employer face. With our training, your managers will be uniquely qualified to deal with these tasks resulting in the best outcome possible. This will reduce your labour issues and grow a positive labour environment.  To ensure that you or someone on your team is knowledgeable with all the issues and up to date with the latest development, enrol on SIG’S training course called:

“Labour Relations and Labour Law”.


Training can be requested on site or at our training facilities

The Labour file consists of all the documentation you will ever need to run your company’s IR.  A complete labour file includes the hard copy as well as a disk with all documentation for your HR department.  


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